Jin Shin Clinic

Acupunture / Chinese Herbal Medicine / Shiatsu Massage

Japanese Acupuncture

Japanese Acupuncture encompasses a holistic approach to healing whereby we seek to treat not only the complaint but
also the root cause of the condition. Although very effective
at treating specific diseases or ailments, the strength of Japanese Acupuncture lies in preserving your health, improving your overall physical condition and increasing your resistance
to disease.

We also place a high priority on correcting imbalances in your posture and relieving muscular tension which may distort the body and restrict the free flow of Ki (Chi) energy, body fluids
and nerve impulses.

The gentle needling techniques, insertion methods and use of extra fine needles at Jin Shin Clinic ensure a relatively pain free treatment. We will spend time with you prior to the treatment to explain and demonstrate our needling techniques to overcome any concerns you may have.

We also employ a variety of non-insertion techniques and instruments for paediatric treatment.